Which branch am I / should I be tracking? beta or tests-passed or main?

I’m just concerned about upgrading as it seems beta9 is the recent verified version?

Unless you switched to the beta branch (in which case you can’t have the new stuff until the next release) in your app.yml you’re on tests-passed which is updated continually, and that is a lot right now, as the development on the notifications stuff is happening very fast and none of it existed before a week ago; have you updated since then?

If you want the latest code, you should upgrade. If you like not seeing the new notifications, you can wait until the next release.


The last time I upgraded was 217 commits ago, apparently. I’m on beta branch, though I’d probably want to be on tests-passed, but avoiding rebuilding so we won’t have down time.

I was under the impression the recent tests-passed version was beta9, but how can I check?

Thanks for your help @pfaffman !

Visit /admin/upgrade (click the “perform upgrades here”) link on your dashboard.

If you’re really on beta (you can check in your app.yml) then you’ll have to switch to tests-passed to get the good stuff, but if you’re seeing that you’re 217 commits behind, then I think that means you can update. There no downtime if you upgrade from the web interface.


Yes I’m definitely on beta. I wish I could have switched to tests-passed without downtime, but I’m postponing that for now because of that.

My only concern is to be on a beta upgrade now, as if I update from the dashboard there are 217 commits to be updated, most of which have (prob) not been verified yet.

Every commit to tests-passed has . . . passed all of the tests. If by “verified” you mean “tried out by a bunch of people who are less risk averse than you”. beta and stable change less often but are not necessarily any safer than tests-passed. And, if you are on beta and want a new feature, or a bug fix that’s not important enough to be back ported, then you’re out of luck.


So I think I misunderstood the terminology here.

I thought that beta versions are more frequent, with more commits and after x amount of commits there’s a merge to the tests-passed branch, meaning all previous commit are “verified”.

I just want to make sure I’m up to date with recent features, though not at the cost of having a (potentially) buggy version…

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I actually believe I’m on main then, because I keep seeing new commits every day.

So quite risky to update I assume?

So if I see lots of commits, many from today, I can assume I’m on Main, right?

In which case, my confusion is with the version number. Because I’m on Beta9 - does this version apply to ALL branches? and if so, when does it change?

tests-passed is the default and it’s probably unlikely you switched to main. tests-passed is only behind main for as long as it takes for the automated tests to run, assuming they pass, which I think was about 14 minutes the last time I looked.

In any practical sense, tests-passed gets updated at the same time as main, except where a commit fails one or more tests, in which case a subsequent commit to fix that usually comes pretty quickly afterwards. (Then the tests run, probably pass and it ends up on tests-passed)

As for the version number, essentially stable is explicitly 2.8.8, beta is explicitly 2.9.0.Beta9, tests-passed (and main) equates to 2.9.0.Beta9 + whatever commits have happened since. It will probably change when they have a collection of "whatever commits have happened since" to call Beta10, at which point beta and tests-passed could be briefly equal.


Did you ever look in your app.yml to see what branch you are on? That’s the only way to tell.

There is little chance that you changed it to “main”. Unless you took explicit steps to change anything, then you are on tests-passed.

It is not dangerous to upgrade. If you think that it is, or your world would come to an end if anything happened to your site, then you should have a staging site where you can test upgrades.

But as a rule, if anything is ever wrong with your site, the answer is “rebuild”.


Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 21.50.21

I assume I’m tests-passed. (?)

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Yes. You’re on tests-passed, as I’ve thought from the start, since to do anything else you’d have to have take special effort for.

So yes, if you want to have access to the latest features, you should upgrade.


And since this conversation started, they bumped the version number.

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