Which files can you override from a plugin?

I’m creating a plugin that overrides a lot of files for a pretty much complex customization of Discourse. I was able to override most of the file except for the ones in the components directory. Is this expected?, is so, which files you can override and which files you can’t?


You can modify components easily via PluginApi like below example


You can modify almost any file in one way or the other. PluginApi methods are better and recommended.


What about changing the tagName? or other things that are not in a method? is it possible too?

Yes. It is simple as

api.modifyClass('component:site-header', {
  tagName: 'section'

Anyway I recommending you to play around with the code before asking :wink:. And explore the guides, existing code, and plugins.


Cool, this is an alternative approach, but I want to know if there’s a restriction on the files you can override from a plugin?

No. Discourse core won’t restrict any plugin abilities.


Ok cool, so overriding files from the components directory should work. I’ll double check then


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