Which free storage for many images? also to be used for thumbnails etc


Is there a free storage service for many images?
Also to be used for thumbnails etc like for Topic List Previews plugin or to get the latest images from a topic and show it on homepage etc.

I haven’t forum on DigitalOcean.

Thank you in advance!


There is not, sorry. It can be quite cheap, but it you have many images and are looking for free image hosting, you won’t find anything. :slight_smile:


Backblaze has up to 10gb free, I think. I’m not sure about bandwidth though.


Note that slow storage performance can be a major problem on Discourse instances historically. I guess as long as it’s only the images being stored there, but if it is really slow, I wonder…


I’ve been looking into this recently as well. Hosting your images outside of your DigitalOcean droplet on another service can help increase your website load speed. I haven’t started researching the different image hosting services yet but I know a lot of people use Google’s or Amazon’s servers for hosting the images. I’m currently scoring C on the GTmetrix speed test, I wonder how much this would increase my speed.


Thank you all for the answers. For now I am following the advice of @pfaffman, I’m using Backblaze with 10GB free, 10.000MB, if I upload each image of maximum 1MB I will have 10,000 topics.
In the future I will study something else or manually delete old images…


Hi, sorry again. Is possible use this plan of AWS with 100GB free for always? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


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There is also Scaleway, 75GB free: Cloud, Compute, Storage and Network models and pricing - Scaleway it is safe?

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Despite the name, storage gateway is not an object storage product. It’s a caching application.

Scaleway works, per:


Other idea:

  • I upload 10GB of images, for example, on my server (uploads folder of the forum)
  • Can I then upload/convert these 10GB of images from upload folder to server Cloud n.1 (for example BackBlaze)
  • Now images are only on Cloud n.1 right? I can delete images from my server
  • I have again free 10GB on my server
  • And so on with Cloud n.2 etc

No, you can not.

You can move them to Cloud 1 without any issue and they will be removed from your server. But if you try to change to Cloud 2 you could break the URLs of the ones stored in Cloud 1.

Storage is as cheap as it gets now a day. You can get ~250GB for 5$ and those last a really really long mile. Using free services is not free and will cost you a lot on consistency and availability of the multimedia in the long term.

One of the things I love of Discourse is that all the media is stored locally, my site manages how-tos and community related photos. All the posts pre-Discourse are broken and most of them are never recoverable because of free storage options.