Which performance is better if discourse or phpbb hosts on a same vps?

Which performance is better if discourse or phpbb hosts on a same vps?

For example: VPS: 1G memory

Anyone have idea?

Hard to say, since we are comparing apples and oranges here. As an older project, phpBB will be less resource intensive than Discourse so it might fit in 512mb or even 256mb of RAM. That’s all I can think of as a practical point of comparison.

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Look also at this topic:

You’ll probably want php-fpm hooked up to the front nginx

If phpbb, redis, mysql and nginx were packed in a docker, maybe they have same performance and less configure task.

PhpBB doesn’t use Redis, MySQL has a smaller footprint than PostgreSQL and the overhead incurred by running a docker container is negligible.

Configuring phpBB on a VPS is probably a bit harder than installing a single Discourse instance. A tool à la Discourse’s docker launcher doesn’t exist, so at best you could get an Apache-MySQL-PHP (or Nginx-MySQL-PHP) stack as a Docker container which leaves you with the usual task of uploading phpBB’s files to your server by FTP, creating a database user and managing passwords and copying all that info into phpBB’s setup script…


I had installed phpbb before. Discourse seems better except email setting. In phpbb, you just need fill in smtp, username and passwd, then it works. In the beginning, I can’t receive confirm email from discourse, bother me some. Then I got a broken site.