Can Discourse be installed on a regular VPS?

I like the future-minded Discourse, and while I’ve also been following Flarum, which finally went stable recently, ideally I’d love to give feature-superior Discourse a shot by migrating from vBulletin.

However, my biggest issue is technical requirements. My community is sponsored with a VPS by a hosting company. I know DigitalOcean is recommended and if a regular VPS is employed, Discourse may run with problems.

Because I have the flexibility to customize this VPS to any specifications, what should these specs be that would guarantee good performance, if that’d even make a difference?

Thank you.

If your VPS has decent modern specifications, it should be able to host discourse. Discourse works best with 2GB+ of RAM and a solid state storage.

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That’s reassuring, thank you @itsbhanusharma

Besides RAM and SSD, what version of OS and/or specific software/framework should it be running?

Those things are answered in the official install.


Discourse should run on any VPS that is using KVM for virtualisation (a quick way to check is to see if the host allows installing a custom OS) with 1GB of RAM.

If you have a particularly busy site you may benefit from more RAM and powerful CPU.

Do you know roughly how many pageviews you get daily?

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Thank you! I am going to ask my provider about KVM.

Re: page views, it’s not a lot by any measure. But it’s a 4GB RAM VPS, upgradable at any time, on-demand.