Which ruby and postgres version discourse v1.7.0.beta10 use?

Hi, I try to install discourse v1.7.0.beta10 version.

There are some reason that I can’t use docker which discourse offer.
so I try to install from source directly.

I have base ubuntu which installed discourse v1.6.4 before and I reuse this one.
But I get this error when I try to db migrate.

TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String

I guess it is because of ruby or postgres version.
On my ubuntu, I use

ruby : 2.3.0
postgres: 9.4

Is there any specific version do I have to use?

Even when not using the supported install, you should take a look at it to see what it uses.

We are using PostgreSQL 9.5 currently.


You might try starting with the development environment install instructions and then try to switch to production mode.

This is awesome!! Thank you.

I could set my ubuntu follow this dockerfile.