Whitelisting HTML tags

I’d like to embed a musical REPL (i.e., the musical live coding editor here: https://strudel.tidalcycles.org/) in my discourse forum.

This is a case of including a little bit of javascript and whitelisting a html tag strudel-repl. I’m struggling with the latter.

I found this thread, which (digging into git history) points at this line.

Searching for helper.whiteList turns up a lot of old examples, but I somehow couldn’t find a clear example for using it in a simple plugin.

Does someone have some pointers for how to whitelist html tags?

Pardon me for the noise, a bit more searching and I found this recent plugin that looks like a perfect example for what I’m trying to do:
GitHub - unfoldingWord-dev/discourse-mermaid: Adds the Mermaid JS library to discourse

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I remember the <mark> tag being whitelisted a while back:

Hopefully, that can give you some hints or clues while you wait for some more knowledgeable replies. :crossed_fingers::slight_smile:


Thanks, I accepted my own answer for now :slight_smile:

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