Why are email addresses hidden behind a "show" button in admin?

When I am working in the admin, it would be great to see all a user’s info on their page.

I see their username, and if I click a button I can see their email address, then if I go to their Public Profile, I can see their full name.

Why isn’t this all on the admin view of a user, in plain sight?


I’m vetting a new user, even though what I log is the date, IP address, username, email address, and full name, I also need to see if they put anything spammy in the website or bio, so unless all of that is going to be available on the admin page (which seems unreasonable to me), I’m going to need to visit their public profile anyway. So I personally don’t see that aspect as a big deal.

As for the extra click to see the email address (and the fact that showing an email address gets logged), it seems to me that the rationale was discussed, but I couldn’t find it in a quick search.

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Admins viewing a user’s email address an audited event in the logs, which is the reason I think for the extra click.

Now, if we could only get that level of accountability for admins snooping around in users’ “private” messages… :wink:


In that case @kensims, I’d be voting for all that to be on the admin, and forward/next buttons to go from one user to the next in the admin.

@downey if it really is about accountability… then an option for “I don’t care if these are looked at” would be great, especially since they are just an export away.

In fact, I think Ill just start exporting more often, and doing my auditing there… not as nice as in the admin area directly but let’s the Team get on to bigger fish…

We average probably around one new user every 3-4 days, so no biggie for me. But if you get multiple new users per day I can see how the current situation becomes much more of an issue.

yeah… I just had to add/review 100 users yesterday, and expect another batch of 100 in a few weeks.

Ouch. :frowning:

I don’t think we’ve ever had that many new users even when we’ve had a big influx from The Seasteading Institute being mentioned in a popular news source.

It sounds like exporting may well be your best option.

There is the option moderators_view_emails:

It would make sense for it to also show in admin if it’s being shown in on the users profile to staff.

Although in a simple test toggling the option didn’t work for me in v1.4.0.beta1 +34
… it might need a ./launcher restart app to kick in - but you would need to test that.

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This always seemed like a strange setting. Why would I need to display my own email address on my own profile for my own self (and maybe admins)? It would make more sense if it were displayed publicly, but I already know my own email address. :smile:

I have that enabled, still have to click “show” every time.

That would seem like a bug then - at least to me.

Because people were complaining about the accidental information disclosure.


I don’t see any bug here, only things which might be done/differently.

I would love if show email on profile: were expanded to the admin page. That would satisfy my OP quite well.

Then if this were carried out, I’d have to spend a lot less time on each person.

That may hold true for Staff but IMHO the decision to not show email addresses and IPs to Moderators was a big step back for moderation effort and a big plus for making things easier for problem accounts.

Some info can be inserted via a browser extension eg.