Why are some users greyed out?

Why are some users greyed out and can’t access the forum which I’d like them to?

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That’d mean they’re either deactivated or haven’t verified their email yet. They’ll turn normal once their email address is verified.


Thanks Bhanu for your reply!

However, for all other people, there’s no need for any actions to verify their email, they just accessed the forum right after registration. I don’t understand why only with a couple people this actions seems required. Also, this person didn’t receive any email which they could follow for verification.

If you understand the situation, could you advise? Thanks!

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Probably because they’re TL0 (i.e. new user)

You should need to verify the email address for all new accounts by default. From the screenshot, it looks like an email was sent (“last emailed” - 1 day).

You can activate their account manually from their user admin page if you are confident they’re not a spammer, but it would be better to find out exactly why they didn’t receive the email so that they can then receive email notifications, digests and password resets etc.

You can check your sent email logs by going to [YourSite]/admin/email/sent, and you can even filter them by username or type (eg. ‘signup’) to help narrow them down. :+1:

I’ll add the obvious, just in case, but it’s worth getting the user to check their spam folder. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Jammy, that’s really helpful. I’ll see if manually verify the account will resolve the issue!

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I’d really like a way to search for users who have signed-up but not yet activated their accounts - they appear greyed out in the users list but I haven’t found a way to filter down on them so I can follow up why they haven’t activated. Scrolling through a thousand plus users to find them isn’t fun. Thanks for any advice Mike

If you have the data explorer plugin, there’s a pre-made report in there for ‘Inactive Users with no posts’. You could also tweak it a little to give you an interactive list where you can click through to their admin page:

    u.id AS user_id, 
    '/admin/users/' || u.id || '/' || u.username_lower AS admin_page_url, 
FROM users u
WHERE u.active = false

Thanks JD

I’m using Discourse for hosting

Is this something I can access if they are hosting?

Sorry I’m new to discourse

Cheers. Mike

I believe the data explorer plugin is available on their Business and Enterprise plans. I’m self-hosted, so I’m afraid I don’t have much experience with what support is available otherwise.

If you go to your /admin/plugins page, is it there already? :crossed_fingers: (possibly needing to be enabled)

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