Closing post removes bumped color / avatar for topic

Bumped topics can be recognized by the lighter title color in the topic list.

An argument that is frequently used when people complain about automatically bumped old topics is that they can easily be recognized by the lighter color and system avatar, and skipped.

However, when such a topic is being closed the avatar changes to the user closing the topic, and the light color disappears, making those topics impossible to recognize.

Which turns out to be bumped and closed

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Well, I can’t on iPad — and it is really annoying.

For these, I would suggest a ‘reset bump date’ for any where no new information is added. If you see one that’s been missed feel free to send it back down the list so as not to annoy Jagster trouble the next person. :slight_smile:

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Yellow dot or something else similar as indicator of new topic would be better option. Or not, because then there would be another element more increasing noise’ish. Perhaps italic, slightly diffrent font?

Somekind fact is that ability see shades of grey depends on light of environment, screen etc. It is quite often lousy choise unless there is enough contrast. Otherwise is a bit like white text on yellow situation.

Sure it works nicely if one has some mega-inch-wide-superior-screen, good sight and state-of-the-art working lights.

And clicking three years old topics just to see it is another automatic bumped one, and second time one hour late because same topic was closed is… annoying :rofl:

That’s a nice workaround @JammyDodger , thank you for that.

But maybe we should get rid of the bumped topics entirely. Everyone finds it annoying, not just Jagster :wink:

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Funnily enough, this topic got auto-bumped just the other day:

Which also led to this one: :slight_smile:

But perhaps now Meta has a super-swish moderator (and a handy group of community experts) we may be able to achieve a similar set of goals with different means? Maybe a data-explorer query or two tucked away in the #experts category perhaps?

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It took a while and several screenshots but now :rofl:

The very first one is bumped up. I just can’t see any difference.

I think they would only be greyed out if you’d read them already. If they’re new to you they’d be in the ‘unread’ colour.

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Well, that has somekind logic, I’ll give that. For me those are new topics by definition. Or seen earlier if one has been member longer time and opened back then.

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I had to scroll back for a while but I found a topic that was bumped, and I had read all posts back then.

Here is a screenshot. You can see the color is --primary just like all the other topic titles.
You can also see that the link has /34 at the end, which is the “automatically bumped on Aug 11” post.


So how should I have recognized this as a bumped topic?

When I press the back button, then the title becomes grey. Because I then indeed saw every post in that topic, including the “automatically bumped” post, the only post I hadn’t read.

So it seems like even the “automatically bumped” post itself prevents the title from being grey.


I’m not sure the premise of this topic still stands? Though I appreciate there is still some discussion over whether to handle the auto-bumps differently or not. :slight_smile: Perhaps we should discuss that further in an Experts topic and close this one out?

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