Why did more people come to my old forum?

I recently upgraded from phpBB to Discourse, but in the same amount of time, 13 people came to my phpBB by only 1 person came to my Discourse. Why is that?

If you’re really interested in an answer to this question you might want to give us more information, well any information.

For example:

  • How long ago did you move to Discourse?
  • How did you move to Discourse?
    • Are you using a new FQDN or the same as your phpBB install?
    • Did you move all your content?
    • How are you redirecting old URLs to new?
    • How did you introduce your new Discourse instance to existing users?
  • What time period is that sample over?
    • By people do you mean new users? existing users? anonymous visitors?
    • What sources of introduction bring users to your community?
  • Did you update the Google Search Console with any relevant details for your new site?

With at least something to go on any answer is a stab in the dark. For now I’m going to go with “your server has a vitamin C deficiency” because it’s as likely as anything else I can say without a single shred of information.

  • About a month ago
  • I bought a digital ocean server
  • About a month
    • Users in general. I don’t believe in a category. I used phpBB for a month and Discourse for a month. Before that, I used fluxBB with a lot of users, but most of these were advertising bots.
    • My homepage
  • Updated

… these sites are both live?

Also, that’s not a great name change, and is probably part of the traffic drop. It’s also very, very hard to measure traffic when your baseline is 13 visits in a month.