Why do I see what seem to be admin options on badge pages?


I don’t know as I’d call them options, but information about the badge. eg.

For Regular it shows
Granted recategorize, rename, followed links and lounge - what additional abilities are possible
26 Granted - how many others have the badge
allow badge as title? :heavy_check_mark: - I can use as a title (see image below) as set in my Preferences
awarded multiple times? :x: - I can’t get more than one at a time

thanks for the feedback - this seems to me to be some sort of beta testing feature that users don’t need to see at all on the badges page. It is confusing esp because it looks like I should be able to click on the x to x it out or do something to it.

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The wording of those messages is a little bit confusing. As I saw them the first time I wanted to click on them like @tobiaseigen said.

I suggest those messages are only visible if their value is true, then there is no need to draw those unclickable “checkboxes”. The text should be changed to something like this:

  • “You can use this badge as a title.” (maybe even link to the profile preferences)
  • “You can earn this multiple times.”

BTW: Looking at the screenshot it seems this looks kinda ugly on mobiles. Just saying…


I want to see a UI mockup for any proposed changes here.

Wow, it’s been a while since this has been hanging out here. I still think @gerhard’s suggestion is a good one. Here are 3 screenshots to illustrate what I think Gerhard is proposing.

##1. How it currently looks - confusing, unhelpful message

##2. How it should look if the value is false - just don’t display it at all

##3. How it should look if the value is true - display a helpful message


Oh that is much better and simpler. @blake can you add this to your list.


Ok @eviltrout can you take this? We should slip this into 1.8.


This should do it: