Why does Discourse prevent users to login with Safari 14.8?

I found half an answer here :slight_smile:

@david , It’s a shame and if I understand it properly it’s absurd.

I own an iPhone 12 mini under iOS 14.8.

Because of your policy, and obvious love for planned obsolescence, I can’t login on any Discourse community anymore, and users are let alone with 2 choices.

Either they upgrade their phone, which will make the phone slower, as always, because manufacturers want that,to push customers to buy new devices every 9 months;
Or, they stop using Discourse because they cant login. Because Discourse put an unnecessary piece of js code somewhere, to block “old” browsers

I seriously doubt that a login button needs the latest version of the latest software.

This is totally absurd.

I won’t buy a new phone because of Discourse,
and I won’t upgrade because of Discourse neither.

Ciao Discourse :wave: