Why does Discourse prevent users to login with Safari 14.8?

Well, I’m using my devices, not benchmarking. Really big difference.

Yes, it is different story. Because after that it changes to complaining of bugs.

Your issue is not what iOS Discourse is supporting. Your issue is willing not to upgrade iOS. You are actually off topic and you shoul contact Apple and ask why they don’t offer backward compatibility. You are out of plenty apps too.

I think this is probably the crux - one comes to understand, as a user and as an administrator, that the Discourse model is to keep steaming ahead with features and with package updates. It’s a choice, the choice of the developers, to be leading edge. And the cost of that choice is on the users, who can’t run older browsers or older devices. For me, given that situation, which seems unlikely to change, it’s something which could usefully be headlined - as a warning, if you like. The benefit is in features and security, the cost is in compatibility.

We did see a somewhat tragic situation where elderly people using older devices were disenfranchised from their support forum. (Can’t find the thread at present.) Personally I’m unconvinced by arguments about security in cases like that: the takeaway for me is that Discourse is not suitable for such forums, where stability, familiarity, and cost are major considerations.


Good luck buddy.

The small print of your banking app will tell you that if you get hacked because you didn’t update your phone, they’re not reimbursing you for your stolen money. So in fact, while their app still works with your old and insecure iOS version, they are not actually “supporting” it either.

Security updates are not a concern for 0.000001% of the population. They are a concern for everybody.


This is hugely off topic, but I have my doubts so would like to see this. The RBS app works on iOS 14+ and the Lloyds Bank app only requires iOS 12+. Their websites only mention that the app won’t work on “jailbroken or rooted devices”. I’ve not checked other banks but suspect it’ll be the same. If they offer apps that work on those operating systems they should stand over them.

There is (dutch) case law that has decided that a similar clause as this clause from https://www.digitalbanking.rbs.co.uk/TermsAndConditions.aspx includes keeping your iOS up to date. Performing an update was considered a “reasonable step to keep your security details safe”.

3. Security Procedure

3.1 What you need to do to keep your account safe

You must:

  • Take all reasonable steps to keep your security details safe (including your passwords and log-in details);

  • When you’re logged into Digital Banking, not leave the device (for example, the mobile phone or computer) you’re using unattended and you must make sure that any information stored or displayed on your device is kept secure; and

Note that there might be a difference between a requirement to be on latest iOS or to be on latest minor patch version of an older iOS. In that sense, this topic is indeed deviating. I think most of us are in agreement that refusing to update your iOS means that you will face some kind of consequences (including a non working Discourse) that you can only blame yourself for.


I’d be interested in reading this decision, if you could link to a copy.

This appears to be the Discourse policy on the subject of browsers, which seems like a fair balance:

It would be interesting to have statistics on which internet users are excluded. I suppose for each forum it would depend on the intended audience.

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Can I just add one voice to this: while not always elderly, the users of my forums are of a kind that the bleeding edge of change in staying so up-to-date does leave some users less able to deal with the level of change. For example the move to the new sidebar notifications and the menu changes. If we really think Discourse is the wrong medium for my users, that’s a hard message for me!

I guess my add to the conversation is to question how narrow a window of support Discourse may be following, how fast a pace of change is set, which is the essence of the original question.

I have had one user who was unable to sign up recently and I had to help through getting Safari upgraded. I guess it’s possible I’ve got hundreds more who no longer login but haven’t reached out to ask what’s gone wrong.

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I suppose work could be done on the message that is shown to people with incompatible browsers. Maybe it could link to instructions on how to upgrade or change.


That is a very useful idea. I’m not actually sure what message is shown.

For myself, I have eschewed IOS for a long time, so when a user arrives with trouble that appears to be IOS-related, I have to scramble to find someone familiar with Apple to help them through.


it does this.


Thanks. I think it says:

Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply.

If that’s good enough then fine. It can be customised (js.browser_update).

I can’t check whether there are any instructions about upgrading iOS, but likely there are.

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Back in January, when the decision was made, iOS 14 was 0,3% of the traffic in our hosting.


“May your words be soft and sweet, for tomorrow you might have to eat them.”

Upgrading to 16.5 (to get notifications to work) has destroyed my battery life! And at the tail end of the battery life, before it dies, things do slow down noticeably. I hope this will be temporary, though.

Percentages are dangerous :wink: How much is 0,3 % from one million, and which business can say to them you are not wellcome

I see your point and I agree with you. But still - customers of CDCK are mostly companies I reckon.

And still staying on sidepath… earlier example of banking apps was just lousy. Those apps are relatively simple and quite many (civilized) country has legal demand to offer easy access to banking services.

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Of late I’ve seen a lot of messages on websites telling me that they prefer certain browsers and that some features won’t work with other browsers, notably Firefox. And Firefox still has a whole lot more than 0.3% of the market.

My wife winds up plugging her iPhone 12 mini in to recharge a couple times during the day, because there’s an app on it that uses bluetooth continually, and a full charge won’t last 8 hours even if she’s not actively using the phone (because the app runs in the background.)

She’s in no hurry to upgrade to a newer iPhone, which MIGHT offer longer battery life on a charge, though I’m skeptical of all battery life claims, because Apple has discontinued the mini size in more recent phone releases, and she doesn’t like the larger ones.

Up until a few days ago our iPad mini 2 was the children’s, on screen time parental controls, and I never thought to look at Discourse on it. I’ve done that now.

It still says “switch to a supported browser” – as if that were possible on the device, which it is not.

That text links to www.browsehappy.com which suggests “Upgrade your browser today!” – again, as if that were possible.

Perhaps the message should be “upgrade to iOS 15+” or even “you can’t use Discourse on this old device” (or words to that effect).