Why does the last paragraph of some posts come up in bold?

I’m building up archives of my site from the previous site, and I notice that sometimes (but not always) the last paragraph of an imported post is in bold face type (and maybe a larger size.)

Any idea why?

If I look at the post on that site, I don’t see bold face selected, but if I try to copy/paste it here, I get two hash tags at the start of the last paragraph.

If you could share more details, that would be great.

How are you doing exports and imports? What version is your site running? Can you see the .raw of the post before and after import? “#” usually means header, and headers are bolded, like this below

This is a header with two “#”

This is a paragraph


I’m running the latest version, updated earlier today. I’m taking the email files and tweaking them before posting them using the API (each post as a new topic.)

I think I see what’s causing it, I have a .sig in many of my posts that has two dashes on line 1 and my name on line 2. Apparently that’s triggering some formatting option on the previous paragraph.

Let’s see if it does it here.

Mike Nolan

Yup. Guess I should call this a feature and not a bug. :slight_smile:


Yeah! You can refer to Supported formatting in posts (markdown, BBCode, and HTML) for more details on formatting.