Why does the user list remain empty?

(Ellie M) #1

I have a fresh Discourse installed on DigitalOcean (followed ssh instructions)

After creating 5 users, and visiting /users page it always "No results were found."
What could be wrong? This happens for both logged in and logged out users. Also settings box is ticked to show users list.

Users link from Admin menu doesn't work
(cpradio) #2

What TL are the new users? I believe it filters out TL 0 users. Plus that page is very heavily cached and requires a job to run in Sidekiq (IIRC)

Locations Plugin
(Ellie M) #3

They are a mix of users. Some are even admins.

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #4

Like @cpradio said this page is updated in a background job. I would ensure sidekiq is properly running and wait for 24 hours for the job to run.

(Sam Saffron) #5

regategorizing as #feature, it is working as designed, there is a delay there. If you want it any faster there is a huge and complex cost involved.

(Alexis Duran) #6

Is it there a way to force that background job to run on a local setup? I have the same issue in my development environment I have added few users to different levels also make those users create some topics but my users list its empty.

Of course, tomorrow may get solved, but other fellows may need this in order to develop something and it will be annoying try to wait for such long time.


User list can not be displayed
(Alexis Duran) #7

Solution is here: User list can not be displayed