Very new users not showing in user list

Is there a reason that users are not showing in the main user list but can be seen in a group user list? Normally they would show in both.

The main user list only shows active users…

I’m helping Constance with this. We’re not seeing users who just posted (and are one of the only posters). We’re expecting to see a user who just posted here. Is there a user directory on Discourse anywhere? Or is active users the only listing? Is there a timeout for when this list is updated?

Go to:
Admin -> Users -> New

If you can’t find them there then there’s a problem.

If they’re there and have been active for a few days and you can’t find them on the heavily cached /Users page there’s a problem.


heavily cached

Anywhere I can find out more information about this (how heavily? can I force a clear?) For example, three new users joined yesterday and performed activities and they don’t show up in the users “leaderboard”. This doesn’t seem like a directory to me.

It isn’t a browser cache that can be cleared. It’s a cached database query.

That’s why you’re not seeing them at /users, Because the query is expensive it isn’t “real time”. The job runs once daily, so if they still aren’t there tomorrow, then there will be reason to be concerned.

It does bring up an idea for a feature request. eg. during the bootstrap stage of the forum, run the job more often.

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If you are self-hosted and have admin access, you can navigate to /sidekiq/scheduler, find Jobs::DirectoryRefreshDaily, and press Trigger.

To refresh month/quarter/all-time views, trigger Jobs::DirectoryRefreshOlder


Cheers, that’ll be perfect for our self-hosted customers. This one is not. Seems more like a documentation issue. This client was thinking “Users” would be a list of Users of the forum. But it’s a “Leaderboard” or “Active Users” list. There doesn’t really seem to be an indicator in the UI of this. A /directory feature that shows basically /admin/users would be a killer feature for our customers who have a small private forum that need to see the member list. Now that we know Users is Active Users, we can instruct other customers going forward. Thanks!

The UI is not perfect, but we do have the ‘trust_level_0’ group, that includes all users. For example:


This is a fantastic workaround, thanks!

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This does not seem to work now :frowning:
Any other work around ?