Why don't we have polls on feature topics

@markersocial I’ve edited the poll out of your first post because we have a product manager who decides what features to add into the product.

Ok got it. Can’t say I fully understand the mutually exclusive relationship between having a product manager deciding on which features to add and having a user poll asking if this feature suggestion would be useful or not. I thought it could be helpful. Anyhow, understood and thanks for the heads up. Won’t put polls on future feature suggestions.

Discourse has a flagging system. Can you not rely on your community to help flag “non-compliant” posts?

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Flagging helps for sure, but in my opinion it isn’t as dependable as active moderators (esp. moderators that could easily see all the latest replies in a single list).

I don’t see it as an either-or scenario and see community flagging as more of an extra redundancy than something to depend on.

Especially if you want to minimise the exposure of unacceptable content to those active users who need to flag the content for the moderators. Also, anonymous users (i.e. lurkers) have no way to flag content and they often represent a significant amount of ‘users’ on public forums.

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