Why is location plugin using so much CPU?

I rebuilt the container with the latest test-passed from today, and suddenly all the CPU cycles are used up. The site becomes real slow.

The server pretty much only has Discourse running. What’s this openvpn user running the Ruby/ unicorns? Is it the same as the Discourse unicorns?

Assuming this is intended and desired, how can I free up some cpu cycles so the site doesn’t run so slow?

Sidekiq is showing barely anything running in the background. No users are on other than me.

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Potentially also an issue here, I upgraded at 09:03 this morning, will monitor during the day:

Our two CPU cores are 100% utilized.

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Mine seems to be coming down again now, will continue to monitor.

Removed the layouts plugin and the location plugin and the problem resolved itself for now. Because its really late my time I haven’t had a chance to isolate whether one or both or none are causing the issue, but @angus @merefield giving you a heads up.

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Mine has also returned completely back to normal after turning off the locations plugin:

Did you have the issue I’ve mentioned in this topic too @ckshen ?

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I didn’t have a chance to check the errors before I took down the plugins. And then today I rebuilt Discourse to 2.6.0.beta6 ( e7bad9f05d ). Problem went away.

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