Why is max bookmarks per day so low?

I’m getting a PM from a user about how they’re hitting the max bookmarks limit. Apparently, the default bookmarks per day limit is 20.

Is there some reason why the limit is so low? Is there some source of overhead that could cause it to slow down the forum if it was raised? Is there some way to use them for spam or manipulation that I don’t know about?

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Hi @notriddle :wave:

The default can be changed in admin-settings - max bookmarks per day:


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I can think at least three reasons:

  1. To prevent spam and abuse.
  2. For performance reasons. In the past, there have been issues where creating too many bookmarks would cause load problems on the website. Even though these issues have been fixed, it is possible that some unforeseen situations could still occur.
  3. To improve user experience. By limiting the number of bookmarks a user can create, it encourages them to be more selective about the content they save. This ultimately promotes quality over quantity.



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