Why not move SMTP settings from app.yml to website admin settings?

It’s very confuse that SMTP settings are in app.yml. As you know, Every change in app.yml require a server stop. I’m not saying “rebuild”, I just talking about stop and start again, even that will cause a short time webiste shutdown. What I want to ask is, why? Why do that? Totally a confuse thing to let the SMTP setting in app.yml.


Official reasoning may be much more sensible that mine but what I think is that SMTP is kept in the yml file because email is critical to discourse. You can not enter discourse as an admin without a valid email verification. Letting anyone register without any type of email verification is a risk in itself.

Also, people generally don’t change their SMTP settings very often once they have been set. I am an admin to sites running for over 8 years with no change to SMTP settings.


If you absolutely must avoid the short down time, you can edit the config in place. For example, like this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
apt-get install nano
nano config/discourse.conf

You would still need to edit app.yml as well, otherwise the changes will be reverted later.


You still need to

   sv restart unicorn

To apply the changes. It might be a bit faster than restarting the container.


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