Changing SMTP password

I need to change the Mailgun SMTP password (of security reasons).
I am not a coder.
So, does this mean I can´t do it myself but need help from a programmer?

If you have a standard install, you can change the SMTP password by either editing your app.yml (and then performing a rebuild), or by re-running ./discourse-setup.

Have you done either of these things before? (eg setting up discourse, or installing a plugin) If so, you should be okay to do it yourself. :+1:


Yes. See @JammyDodger’s reply.
I’ll add that if you want to edit the configuration file, you can do it either with a command-line text editor like nano (which is not complicated, even if it’s a bit intimidating at first if you never did that kind of stuff), either with software like WinSCP that will allow you to browse your server like Windows Explorer, where you can browse your server’s folders and edit the configuration file with a visual text editor (with the windows cursor and all).

Do you know how to have root access to your server? It will be needed in both choices.