Why run UpdatePostUploadsSecureStatus even when secure uploads is disabled?

Thanks for your work on allowing different S3 backends! I am using minio and it is working great…

The only slight issue I have is that the UpdatePostUploadsSecureStatus job is failing because Minio does not support ACLs:

Is there a way I can disable this job from running?

Have you enabled SiteSetting.secure_uploads ?

Nope, I have not.

EDIT: I did import some emails which had images embedded I’m them. I am reading the Secure uploads in emails docs, is that saying that all uploads from emails will be “secure”?

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Why do we schedule this job for every upload on every post even when the setting is disabled @martin ?


Good question – this is called in two places. PostCreator:

And PostRevisor:

However as you can see I neglected to do the SiteSetting.secure_uploads? check in the latter…I will make a PR to fix this and just move the check to post.update_uploads_secure_status.

Edit: PR is here, hopefully should merge today FIX: Do not enqueue UpdatePostUploadsSecureStatus unnecessarily by martin-brennan · Pull Request #20366 · discourse/discourse · GitHub