Why so little code comment in Discourse Codebase? (Github)



I was trying to customize Discourse.
(deep customization, theme/plugin is not enough, not a simple facelift change(logo, color, image etc))

I git clone to my laptop and start reading the code.
(I am Ruby on Rails dev & newbie Ember.js dev)


  1. Why there are so little code comment in codebase?
    (controller / model / view / etc, both Rails and Ember)

I get the phrase “good code itself is comment” (or something like that)
But why so little?


Because comments tend to rot and deprecate which makes them useless (and sometimes counter intuitive) over time.


Thanks for reply

But 1-4 line comment per-controller/view/template/etc seem like reasonable number.
not too much, not too little


I hope you guys(Discourse core team) can write few post about the
big picture view on Discourse codebase…
(not like “why chose Ember.js” I already read that one. deeper than that)


  1. Why this folder structure(Ruby on Rails & Ember.js put together)
    I guess if you guys make Discourse from scratch in 2018,
    would decide separated Rails&Ember into 2 repo?
    or different folder structure

  2. What’s the different between GlobalSetting & SiteSetting?

  3. What’s the core model of Discourse? (Users&Post&Topic)?

  4. why preload_script is needed? example <%= preload_script 'break_string' %>
    preload_script return

# ... some other code
<link rel='preload' href='#{path}' as='script'/>
<script src='#{path}'></script>".html_safe

so it’s for SEO or some other reason?

  1. and few other question I couldn’t recall right now
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You can/should use plugin.


OK, I would read more into plugin.
Thanks for the suggestion Vinoth Kannan

Unless you have a team of full time programmers or want never to take advantage of future upgrades to discourse, you want a plugin. Those who have forked are all sorry.

Almost anything can be accomplished with a plugin.


Got it, Thanks!
we do want future upgrade, would look into Theme and Plugin.
Thanks for reply!