Why so many pages are not being google indexed?

Google is complaining that it is not able to index hundreds of pages of my site.

Is my robot.txt is wrong? I’ve not changed anything (big) at all. yet this problem is there.

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Hello Bathinda :wave:

I don’t know much about SEO.

In Google Search Console, if you click on Alternate page with proper canonical tag, it will list such pages and might give you a clue why you have so many pages that are (presumably legitimately?) not referenced.

What did you change?


Thank you so much.
But there is no longer any option named ’ Alternate page with proper canonical tag

Next, I’ve not changed anything. Had loaded/given ‘Robot.txt’ path to google search console according to some web article read somewhere. But no longer remember what process did I take.

If you’ve not got time to reply to these, kindly give me some link by reading which I could sort this out.
Thank you again.

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