Why the forums takes full of total 20Gb of disk?

I am running just a very small with some threads. It suddenly stops working due to no free space on the Vultr VPS. I just wonder, why the disk is full. Probably someone uploaded some big files on purpose, where is the directory that the files are uploaded to?
Someone please help :frowning: I am not affordable to upgrade my Vultr plan.
Thank you

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Well, docker needs space when you rebuild discourse.


Basically, you just need to run ./launcher cleanup.

Discourse has a reasonable upload size limit. It may not be the problem (you can check the remaining space on your dashboard).

BTW, it’s not a “howto” topic, plz move it to “support”.


Thank you so much
It did clean-up the space. However, after rebuilding the app, I face the error of 502 Bad Gateway
Could you leave a comment?

Did you wait for 30s? It takes seconds to initialize Discourse.

And what’s the error when you rebuild your container if any?
If no and you waited 30s, can you try ./launcher restart app and wait another 30s to see the change?

The rebuild app process was completed.
The history is I face error of 502 Bad Gateway. I then failed to rebuild the app because of insufficient free space. After running ./launcher cleanup, I did rebuild the app completely without any problems. And now I still face 502 Bad Gateway :frowning:
The url: http://adsenseviet.org/

I saw your website is completely fine without any 502 problems. You might want to clean your browser’s cookies and try again.

You are damn right. It works fine actually on my iPhone. Your help is so nice @fantasticfears
Thank you

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