Bootstrap mode not turning off?

Hello again everyone. The forum I have now has exactly 50 users from its opening on 18th June last month. Now, we have accomplished 50 users but bootstrap mode is not turning off. Is the banner there forever? Here is the picture:

Thanks :wink:

To answer one of your questions: No, the banner won’t stay there. Once you meet the requirements, the banner (and the bootstrap) will leave. Also note, that the banner message is only viewable by admins/mods, meaning that members won’t see it.


Thanks. I know that only admin and mod can see it. But the question is why am I still in this bootstrap when I have 50 users? :blush:

It could be that you are counting the system and discobot users and that Discourse isn’t.


Could be. But I am fairly certain this is not the case. Thanks :+1:

You can always turn off the bootstrap mode if you want. Just change the value of bootstrap mode min users to whatever number you prefer in the admin settings.


Ok thanks so much for the help :blush:

I have now excluded discobot and System. We actually have exactly 50 users. I have set bootstrap to 30 and it is still there. I am confused…

Thanks everyone for helping out :+1:

The job that removes that message only executes once per day. If you happened to just change the site setting it won’t take effect right away. Give it 24 hours.


OK. Thanks. You get the solution for now :grin:. Hope nothing else changes…

don’t close yet. Just incase

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