Why We Love Discourse

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Well, some people may think that I’m over emphasizing, but I trust that I’m pretty accurate, Jeff Atwood, Sam Saffron, and Robin Ward have literally allowed a highly premium, and “enterprisey” software to be in hands of everyone for free - as in freedom - not just that, also sophisticated, fancy, and amazing plugins/themes that would cost $$$ or even $$$$ if you decided to hire someone to craft for you.

Think about Wordpress, if you needed to achieve something simple like s3 backup, well, go and buy that random plugin for $199 subscription.

No amount of money, no bunch of words will be sufficient to give these guys their actual credit, just wanted to say thanks a billion times for allowing Discourse to exist. :heart:


Thanks! You would also want to credit all 3 of the founders, including @eviltrout :wink:


I appreciate it, but this is very much a team effort. I feel incredibly lucky to work with so many talented people at Discourse, with an amazing community and great customers. You all have made Discourse what it is today, thank you.


Yes agreed. The more I use Discourse, the more I love it. Many of my visitors also think likewise. Thanks for the hard work for those involved in this project. Kudos!


I always loved the idea of having my own community website and I tried many platforms so far, but honestly, none of them are so modern and have so many useful features out of the box. That WordPress-Discourse plugin is also a big + for me as well as the badge system :heart_eyes:
So thank you Discourse team for creating such an awesome product!