Why would discourse want to connect to port 3000

and how do I stop it or if it’s necessary how do I enable it?

I’ve got our staging server back up and running with the latest production data.
I’ve moved the images and the data from staging into production.

Staging works yet production is failing trying to connect to port 3000

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Is this related to your previous topic?

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The Unicorn server runs on port 3000.


How do you manually restart the unicorn server?

In some ways - yes.

This topic is different for me since I had rolled back to 2.4 - expecting discourse to work as before.

I got discourse to work again by rolling back to 2.4 then updating the data container twice then updating the web_only container twice.

I’d like to know how to manually start the unicorn server.

While inside the container sv start unicorn.

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