Wiki Editor badge is awarded multiple times

The Wiki Editor badge is awarded correctly to users the first time they edit a wiki post, but then sporadically awarded multiple times thereafter. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it so I don’t know in what specific cases it’s arising. I’ve received it myself multiple times, but do not receive it every time I edit a wiki. Two other users have reported it on our forum as well.

Screenshot from an Italian user:


In terms of the settings, we have enabled the badge and it shows on the public badges page, but no other options are selected (i.e. we have not selected the option to allow for the badge to be granted multiple times).


Are you on the latest version of Discourse?

Apologies, should have included that - we are on 2.4.0.beta7 (15f6f57cdc). If there’s something in later commits that you think may have resolved this issue, I can upgrade and report back.

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We have no other reports of this at the current time so I suggest updating to very latest and see if that helps.


Hi there, upgraded two days ago to (fa52ed3b16) and just got a Wiki Editor badge again!

Part of what is strange is that I’m not sure what action triggered it, since the badge award didn’t show up until I was offline.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 8.01.15 AM

Edit, for reference: Getting the same badge multiple times - About Wikimedia Space - Wikimedia Space

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Same issue since version 2.0 to the newest, i think.

I can confirm that this is still happening. We are on 2.4.1 but was happening with other recent versions too.

Hadn’t reported it yet because I don’t see a pattern to reproduce it other than: sometimes, someone already with the wiki editor badge, makes an edit on a wiki and some time after gets a notification about getting the badge again. List of badges only shows one badge — just the notification is repeated.

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Can confirm

Not sure what version it’s on. I’m also not the owner or high ranking member (except TL3)


This looks like some bug, the badge itself is specifically not a multi grant badge:

Looking at the query I can see it is not grabbing min id like the other badges we have defined.

I did a fix here which should improve it:


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