Wiki permission defaults

First time community maker here.

Contemplating wiki posts and permissions. The default is the inverse of what I would have thought so I fear I’m missing something re the dynamics of wiki type posts.


My intuition:

Are there non obvious rationale for the default and downside of configuring per my intuition?


Trust Level 3 is going to represent a fraction of your total user base unless you’re doing something to artificially increase its membership.

The rationale is that only select users should be able to make their post a wiki, but any normal user can contribute. That way you’re going to hopefully going to end up with a small number of wiki topics, refined by the widest audience.

Swapping that logic allows for a much larger number of topics, edited by a minority. I don’t know your user base so can’t comment on specifics, but that’s really the opposite of wikis in general, isn’t it?


I would think of them as two separate questions:

  • who can edit a wiki post?
  • who can make a post a wiki?

“self wiki” never comes up for me, I generally set posts to be wiki by default at the category level.

Sometimes you don’t want a wiki, you want a message that will become stable as the edit grace period, because that’s important for consistent conversation (the main thing Discourse is going for). Having lower trust levels turn any conversation into a wiki, even in categories where it doesn’t make sense could cause confusion… but you are probably okay with having it lower.

You definitely want min trust to edit wiki post to be low if you want more people to edit them. TL1 is fine for that.