Wikified Posts Component

Simple Description

This theme component enables you to make Wiki posts (and Shared Edits posts) more obvious.

Wikis and Shared Edits are a powerful feature of Discourse, but many users are unfamiliar with the concept and find the UI just a bit too subtle. This component makes it crystal clear, packaging the content from How to change the style of a Wiki post.


Detailed Description

Installing this component enables you to control the background colour of Wiki posts, and to add some text to the history/edit icon in the top right of the post.

It is a fork of discourse-wikified-post-background-color by @pacharanero, incorporates stuff from How to change the style of a Wiki post and re-used code from Personal Message Bubbles by @Rhidian.


Wiki post background color

The background colour of Wiki posts can be set to whatever you like. It defaults to ‘highlight’, but you can use any of these options:

  1. It works best when a Scheme colour is chosen (i.e. primary, secondary, tertiary, etc), as these are responsive to automatic dark mode.
  2. A named color recognised in CSS (e.g. blue, red, yellow, black, etc)
  3. An HTML color code (e.g. #effbfb, etc)

Shared edits background color

You can choose one of the same color options for Shared Edits posts (see the Shared Edits Plugin)

Wiki added text

This adds the little bit of green text (defaulting to Wiki Post) in the top right corner of the post:


This is dynamic, and changes colour along with the history icon if there has been a recent edit (this is an unintended happy thing):


If you don’t want any text there, then delete the text in the setting and save it.

Shared edits added text

The text displayed when it is a Shared Edits post. This is in the Danger color from your palate.



  1. Auto tag Topics with ‘wiki’

Please make suggestions as replies to this post.

Install this theme component


Lovely stuff @nathankershaw
I’m going to archive the old wikified post background color repo, in favour of this your new version, which adds much more.


Anyone else getting this error?

Error: Undefined variable: "$Shared-edits-hide". on line 42 of common.scss >> @if ($Shared_edits_hide == "Yes"){ -----^

I can’t reproduce that, and can’t see any obvious problems in the code. Can you give us any more info?

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It’s because I had Shared edits hide set to No. The error appeared in the TC settings. Error is gone after setting it to Yes.

I don’t get it with it No nor Yes on the latest Discourse Beta. Are you on an old Discourse version? I haven’t put any version control in it at all sorry.

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Sorry, my bad - was a bit outdated, yeah. Forgot to test again after recent update until you mentioned it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Have just updated the component to better cater for Shared Edits posts.

This includes adapting it for the Shared Edits changes here:


Done a minor tweak to the default background colors as I couldn’t see @mentions easily.

Also Shared Edits background color now defaults to tertiary-very-low.

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