Will Rocket Chat and others get transcript posting?

Continuing the discussion from Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration):

Before I get my hopes up, could you speak to how difficult transcript posting functionality is to add, per provider? From the video (which makes the feature very compelling) it seems like it is very Slack-specific. However, it gets a whole column in the feature matrix… is it a matter of arranging the UI in each provider to choose the messages, or is it provider-dependent?

Because if it is a UI->bot->webhook thing, I will go bug the RocketChat folks. :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid you are correct here. The user interface is entirely slack based, and won’t transfer well to other providers. Some of the server-side code could be re-used, but not everything.

I would estimate adding super basic transcript posting (without much of a UI) for a new provider to be 2-3 days work minimum, but probably more than that.

Adding rocket chat transcript support isn’t on our roadmap, but a (well written and tested) pull request would be welcome.