Will the discourse https certificate expire?

Assuming that using discourse defaults web.ssl.template.yml file to generate an HTTPS certificate, what should I do if the certificate expires? How will I renew or replace it?

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If you are using our defaults, the certificate will auto-renew automatically.


Know, thank you; this is very helpful

Hello, now encountered a problem, the current architecture is two servers to do high availability through nginx.http.sock file forwarding listening 80 port, using remote AWS cloud database, through aws alb load balancing, in access aws cloudfront acceleration, aws cloudfront acceleration when configuring https The whole process is perfect. However, due to the new requirements that require access to Facebook, gmail, discord, apple login, it is found that Facebook will verify https Because it is https configured on aws cloudfront, there may be authentication failures; The final test method is to use the internal https of the program when starting discorse, which is why I hope that the discourse will automatically update the certificate, and then when configuring aws alb for load balancing, it is found that only by configuring http status code 301 can it pass health detection, and when trying to access through ip or http, it will return 301, and return normal 200 when accessing https; Eventually, if you increase how to load balancer or forward, the 301 redirect will be too much,How do I configure it to load balance two machines?

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