Will the Discourse "image" destroy everything else on my droplet?

(g0st) #1

I am attempting to install discourse on an existing droplet that I have 2 other sites running on via apache. I am at the stage where I am ready to ./launcher bootstrap app.

If I understand correctly it is about to image my digitalocean droplet, correct? Will that not wipe everything on the droplet?

(Matt Palmer) #2

./launcher bootstrap doesn’t image the entire droplet, it only builds a container image for the Discourse site, which you then run with ./launcher start. The things already running on your droplet will continue to run as they are, there’ll just be the extra programs running within the container.

(g0st) #3

That’s awesome, thanks for clarifying.

Ninja edit: it should be noted for all future viewers of this thread that your new running container, though it won’t destroy your data, it will take over port 80 directing all requests to discourse. You’ll need to add a soft proxy like Haproxy to your droplet to restore your Apache sites.