Will there be any kind of data loss or discrepancy if I update discourse to the newer version?

I am facing an issue with favicon upload. It’s not getting displayed after multiple attempts. One of the suggestion by discourse support team is to upgrade my discourse to latest version. Before upgrading to newer version, I want to confirm whether there will be any kind of data loss or discrepancy if I upgrade it. Please help.

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No, fhere won’t be any data loss, at least if things do not go wrong for some reason. The chances of that are small but existent. So make sure to create a backup before you update - just in case.


Just to say that you should consider regularly updating (perhaps once a month) to ensure you pick up the latest security patches to keep your site secure (not to mention to get access to the new features that might be available). I’d say small frequent upgrades are less risky than ones that span many versions.

You should be backing up daily in any case.

(Though just to say that I’ve been upgrading regularly over a period of 4 years and in that time I’ve suffered no data loss and not had to use a back up once!)


Hi all,
I upgraded to the newer version of the discourse and the issue got resolved. There were no data loss of discrepancies witnessed.
Thanks for your prompt reply, helped me in making decision faster.


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