Will WordPress know about the deleted topic in Discourse?

If I let WordPres articles automatically create a Discourse thread for commenting when they are published, there will be a link between the article and the Discourse.

This link can be removed on the WordPress side, but the reverse doesn’t seem to work. When I delete a thread in Discourse that was previously linked to an article, the link still seems to remain active in WordPress.

Am I doing something wrong that it’s not working, or is it a feature?


That is correct. The plugin isn’t currently doing anything to handle the deletion of topics that it has published to Discourse. It would be possible to have the plugin configure (or have it ask the site admin to configure) a “Topic is deleted” webhook on Discourse and then use that webhook’s requests to delete the metadata that associates a WordPress post with a Discourse topic.

I don’t mean to answer all your WordPress related questions, but I did a lot of work with the WP Discourse plugin in the past :slight_smile:


On the other hand, it’s great that you answer my WordPress-related questions. Thanks for that.


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