Hidden Discourse posts are still visible in WP as comments

Can you please reflect Discourse post status in WordPress? When I delete (hide) posts in Discourse – they are still visible in WordPress as article comments. I think this should consider Discourse post status. When I want to get rid of a post (e.g. moderation) – I also want it to disappear from WP.

Is there a way to resolve it?

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You are most likely seeing a cached comment. Please try enabling “Load Comments With Ajax” in the Comment settings, then refresh the relevant Wordpress post. The comment will disappear. Without this setting enabled, the comment will disappear when your cache expires, or is invalidated.

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I’m having a similar problem, but Load Comments with Ajax didn’t fix it.

I’m set to display a link to comments. If there’s no related topic, I don’t see a link. However, if there is a deleted topic, I now see a link to the deleted topic.

Is there any way to stop seeing links to deleted topics?

Hey @RichardC,

As you say, that’s a slightly different issue.

The easiest way currently is to just unlink the Discourse topic in the relevant Wordpress post edit UI.

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 10.57.22 AM

To do this automatically requires webhooks. Currently the WP Discourse webhook functionality does not support automatically unlinking Discourse topics that have been deleted in Discourse. It may be a good feature addition however, and I’ll look at adding that to my worklist after chatting with @simon.


Thanks @angus,

When I read this, I thought “if that works, I’ll be embarrassed.” Now I am. Maybe when I was trying it before I deleted the post before unlinking. But regardless, it works now. Cheers.