With S3 enabled, can shared uploads be safely deleted?

S3 and CDN are enabled, so I think it’s safe to delete the content in these directories, right?

root@discourse:/var/discourse/shared/standalone/uploads/default# du -sh *
650M optimized
1.4G original

Did you migrate the uploads to S3?

Of you look at your old posts do those images point to the S3 cdn?

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Yeah, I migrated, and yes content of old posts point to the S3 CDN.

Isn’t the migration script supposed to delete that old stuff?

My understanding is that the migration doesn’t explicitly delete those but rather the posts get edited removing references to those old uploads, implicitly leading to them being deleted later by a recurring job. (Jobs::PurgeDeletedUploads which runs once every 24 hours)

I don’t know what sort of rate limiting might be going on with that job so perhaps cleaning up after a migration happens gradually if there are a lot of uploads. If you did the migration very recently, maybe wait and see if those numbers change after that job next runs.