With URLs `my` is generic for user. Is there something similar for hostname?

As an admin we often want to give a link to a user to their settings page.

Instead of giving them an example with a hard coded user in the URL like


we change out u/ericgt with my


and give that to our users and they are non the wiser.

Now some of us as admins visit other sites and help other admins and would like the same magic to happen but for the hostname, e.g. swi-prolog.discourse.group

Is there a generic replacement for the hostname that works on Discourse sites?

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How about using a url like /my/preferences/account

Link here

[Link here](/my/preferences/account)

I tested it on anther site and works like I would expect. :grinning:


It took me a bit to understand how this works then I realized it is using an absolute path reference. Never thought about doing that. Will have to add that tool to my toolbox.


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