Withdraw own Poll votes?

Is it possible to “delete” ones Poll-Votes?

For example:
User A creates a Poll in which he asks the community to rate something.
User B just gives a Rating in the Poll without knowing anything about the subject which is being rated (Sadly this happens far too often :sweat_smile:).
User A contacts User B on this and User B wants to remove his vote in the process to not interfere with the rating.

However: Right now it seems like I am not able to withdraw my own Vote from a rating-poll.


No, this is not possible at the moment.

Is this something planned for the future?
And if it is not, could we add this to the roadmap?

I feel like this should be a standard feature but maybe it is the best way to let the admins decide weather they want to give their members the possibility to withdraw their own votes.
Maybe adding something like “poll_allow_withdraw” to the site settings.