Word Replacement for Filtered Words


In regards to this, I’m aware that I’m able to ban words through the Admin settings.

My inquiry is, would the following be possible:

Say I want to ban the word “book” from my forum – it is offensive, and not needed [hypothetically].

So, if a user posts “Just bought a new book, love it.”

Discourse spits out: “Just bought a new orange, love it.”

Where “orange” would be randomized based on fruits or something, out of the set say, [orange, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, banana].


I do want to eventually get to replacement for Watched Words and there are several topics on this already.


At Dgraph, I’m looking for something similar. Our users use many ways to write Dgraph (dGraph, DGraph, and so on), and we’d like to auto-replace all those words with the correct way to write it.