How to convert bad words?

It seems to be the basis but I can’t find a solution on this script? Am i missing somethink?

Hi, think You’re asking about censoring the bad words used during discussion (e.g. foul language/ hate speech etc.) You can do so (as an admin) by visiting Admin > Logs > Watched Words

there, you can create rules to either block such words or replace them with something else e.g. *****
You can also decide to flag such posts for moderation automatically.


can I set up a different replacement word for each word (less vulgar etc) ?

in the same page you can set multiple rules

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Im no sure but shall i use RegExr ?

That’s totally your preference. you can create rules as you like. there are a lot of posts here on meta suggesting ideas on various regex


There is not yet a replace option in Watched Words but… there should be.