WordPress, Discourse and Local SMTP Server

(Dimitri Gogelia) #1


Is it possible to install WordPress, Discourse and local SMTP server together?
I need to use in this way:

WP site address: www.example.com
Discourse: www.example.com/community
SMTP server for Doscourse and WP needs: smtp.example.com

I will use DO Virtual Servers for this.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

This is well-tested and should work fine. The basic idea is to let nginx sort requests between Discourse and your other services. You can find more details here:

The SMTP server is separate and should work, but please note that sending mails yourself is terribly painful. I’d highly recommend using a commercial mailing service for this, e.g. SendGrid.

(Dimitri Gogelia) #3

Tank you @fefrei! I’ll try!