Wordpress failure to connect to Discourse

I’m trying to connect a Standard plan customer (@andrec) to their WordPress. I’ve copy-pasted the URL, and used the API key to remotely change settings, so I’m sure those are both correct.

I then disabled all plugins except wp-discourse and still no joy.

The only system settings changed on the Discourse side is the SSO key, which is the same in Discourse and WordPress, and shouldn’t matter since SSO isn’t enabled yet anyway.

I don’t know what I could be missing.

Could you try generating an API Key on Discourse for @andrec and using that in place of the All Users API key?

If that doesn’t fix anything there may be an issue with the HTTPS configuration of the WordPress site. You can check for that by installing this plugin and running the test with the Paypal API endpoint.

If the WordPress site was installed with the Digital Ocean 1 click WordPress install you may need to install the php-curl extension.


If anyone else cares, you do that at /admin/users/...

Username is different on that site, but that didn’t solve the problem.

All tests pass except cURL.

Is that the problem?


Yes, that’s probably it. Is the site on DigitalOcean?

If you have access to the WordPress server, running this should solve the problem.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install php-curl

Well cURL SSL still fails according to “TLS 1.2 compatibility test”. BTW, if you install this plugin, you find it on the WordPress Tools menu.

Looks like it was a DNS issue. The domain wasn’t resolving properly on the local DNS. I think.

Anyway, it’s working now and this seems like a pretty wacky edge case.

Thanks for your help, @simon.


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