Wordpress: how to display discourse after the WP header on a WP-page?

Hello, and thanks for this great software!

I have been searching the support forum and how found many examples of sites which integrate WP and discourse like this: https://community.namati.org/

However, please excuse my lack of understanding, I cannot see how to do this on my own. Does this have to be specifically integrated per wordpress theme, or is there some generic code I can put in a special wordpress page which then shows discourse after the wordpress header on my page?


Start with this:

Add this in Admin (+some css):

get this:

Add text and links in menu slots - that’s all - all done in Discourse.


This is a good tutorial on how to do it.


Thank you @ccdw and @Grex315 for the helpful tips!

I am not sure if the css option you provided does exactly what I am looking for though. To maybe make my explanation clearer I will provide visual examples below. To be able to do this, I guess there needs to be some custom code in the wordpress theme?

Wordpress landing home page:

Wordpress page, with discourse forum below header:

If you are talking about embedding Discourse into your wordpress site I would advise against that. Plus I am pretty sure its not supported. Instead simply have that forum link go to your discourse site and then add code into the customization > CSS/HTML > Header section like @ccdw shows to make it look like your wordpress site. That is what the site you initially reference does.