Embedding the Forum into Wordpress

(George Morris) #1

I’m at a complete loss and I would love to move forward with Discourse but I can’t find documentation that’s up to date because so much that I’ve read is deprecated. Here is the gist.

Use Case: I have a member only site I’m creating. Users pay to access the content which is a blend of private videos, files and then access to the Discourse forum.

Setup: I’m running the main site at http://theonefifty.com where it’s powered by WordPress, I’m running Discourse at http://cohort.theonefifty.com

What I want: Users come to the WordPress site, fill out an application and once it’s reviewed and approved I manually create their Discourse account. (Ideally SSO would work here but right now that’s a secondary objective.) Once I approve the users I want them to login to their account and have access to both WordPress and Discourse content in a seamless way. Ideally I’d wrap Discourse with the WordPress theme by embedding Discourse into the Forum page I’ve created in WordPress… is this even possible?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

No, that’s not possible since Discourse is a single page application and it is not good web practice in general.

You should make a custom menu for your Discourse instance and style it just like your WordPress menu:

(George Morris) #3

Wonderful. This will work great and thank you for the solid suggestion!