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Hi! I have recently discovered this site and it looks amazing. Please let me know if this question is not placed in the proper place but I didn’t know exactly where to ask.

My question is about the integration with Wordpress. If i own a domain and install wordpress, i know discourse can be used to comment on post, but, is it also possible to use it to comment on pages? I know also that when someone adds a topic, it will be added as a post as well, am I right?

I love the look of discourse, and it would be amazing if i could also use the WP functionalities. My aim is to create a travel forum, but i would like that the post or topics could also have sliders and galleries to make it more visually appealing. Is that possible at all?

Thanks very much and congrats for the job done!

That’s pretty much it. Wordpress can post to discourse, and discusses comments can be embedded into WordPress rather than using WordPress comment system


@pfaffman thanks very much for your reply. My concern is how Discourse manages the fact of pages/posts. Also, if a user created a topic in discourse, will it be added as a post on wordpress? I love the way discourse is done, but i miss somehow adding my own footer for example. That’s why i’m willing to achieve that with both systems. Also, how the categories are managed between WP posts and Discourse topics? thannks again!

No. You can embed a Discourse comment section on any page you want, including any Wordpress pages. That comment section creates a topic in your Discourse. Then any replies to that Discourse topic will show up as comments on the page.

You can do that with Discourse. Check out the customization settings in your Admin section.

[quote=“ThePassenger, post:3, topic:53299”]Also, how the categories are managed between WP posts and Discourse topics?

I think you’re confused about the relationship between Discourse and Wordpress. They aren’t posting the same type of content. The categories are completely up to you. There is no automatic link. You can choose a Discourse category for the topics created by the embedded comment sections, but it’s not a one-to-one mapping from Wordpress to Discourse or vice versa.

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Thanks @KevinWorkman I have not yet installed or tried Discourse so i didn’t know about the footer option. Your responsed have been really helpful to clarify.

I still don’t know if it would be a benefit to “mix” it to wordpress or if a standalone discourse forum would be the way to go. Also, I still doubt if it would be better to do the comment system with WP or if just create something like forum.mysite.com and “forum” uses DC and the rest of the site uses WP. I believe that is also doable right? Sorry for all those questions!

[quote=“ThePassenger, post:5, topic:53299”]
I still don’t know if it would be a benefit to “mix” it to wordpress or if a standalone discourse forum would be the way to go.[/quote]

I’m not sure what you mean by mix. If you use Discourse, it will be completely separate from Wordpress. The only mixing that happens is when you embed comments on a Wordpress page, but that isn’t special to Wordpress. You can embed Discourse comments on any html page. (You might also setup SSO, but that’s another story.)

Even if you were using Discourse for comments, you would still have to setup forum.mysite.com to actually “hold” your Discourse. Then whether you use that as a standalone forum or as a comment section or as both is completely up to you.

I really recommend setting up an example site just to see how it all fits together, as most of these questions are best answered by just playing around.


@pfaffman can get your set up from the beginning, but to integrate wp and discourse, look at the wp plugin @simon authored.


My wordpress and discourse install has the plugin pre-installed (but not pre-configured). The mailgun plugin is included as well.

@KevinWorkman by mix I meant to use wordpress and also discourse (with discourse.mysite.com) I think that as you say the best is to start trying things out. However, if I now purchase Domain.com and I install Discourse on it, will I be able to later on use my installation of discourse at forum.domain.com and domain.com being a WP site?

@pfaffman I’ll try on my own, if i can’t make i’ll let you know, thanks!

Once you purchase a domain (e.g., domain.com) you can create as many subdomains on it as you like. (e.g., one.domain.com, two.domain.com, forum.domain.com). It’s something of a bother to move Discourse from one domain name to another. You can see just how much right here.


Hi Jay, I didn’t realize that. thanks for clarifying! Lea-Ann

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