Wordpress publish html post

The topic I shared on Wordpress does not receive html tags. How can I do that?

Shared how from where to what? I can’t figure out what you mean.

I created a content on my wordpress site. The content consists of a table. When I publish it to Discourse, the table does not appear. The texts in the table are visible.

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@simon @jtbayly is it possible?

IIRC the solution is to publish tables in markdown from WordPress. WordPress supports markdown publishing via Jetpack.

That’s how I’ve solved this previously.

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how so can i get some more details? @Stephen

Are you using Jetpack on your WordPress site?

yes i’m using Jetpack

Ok so in the settings there’s an option to turn on Markdown support.

Discourse supports Markdown tables, so this:

| this |    |   |       |   |
|      | is |   |       |   |
|      |    | a |       |   |
|      |    |   | table | . |

Renders as:

table .

I can’t recall if Jetpack needs a setting change to ensure markdown is stored and not converted, but give it a try and we can figure that out if there are any issues.

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