Wordpress username publishing help

I thought I had this fixed but did recently change the url on my blog so maybe that caused this

A new blog post

Did not publish under the users name on the forum

How do I make sure this is corrected?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Full30,

Posts are published using the user’s Discourse account if their Discourse username is filled in their Wordpress profile.

If you’re using DiscourseConnect with WP Discourse and have the “Update Userdata” Webhook enabled this will happen automatically.

If a user does not have a Discourse username in their Wordpress profile the “Publishing Username” in the Connection settings will be used, which is what happened with that post you linked (you have system as the publishing username).



They did not have their username in their profile, I corrected that and am using the DiscourseConnect

I also tried to update the post, no affect, I then chose to link to the existing and again tried to update, no change to published username, will there be a delay or is there another step I need to take to correct this instance?

Thank you!

For posts already published without a username you’ll need to change the author in Discourse using post admin controls.


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